We exclusively produce monocultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil from 100% Apulian olives from our family's olive groves. 

Our extra virgin is cold extracted and filtered, the latter process eliminating impurities (drops of water, olive skin and pulp, etc.) that in the long run can ferment and compromise the quality of the product.

We directly manage the olive trees in the most natural way, respecting the plants and the environment. Thanks to the attention we pay to each stage leading to the actual production of our extra virgin olive oil, we make sure of its certified quality: since 2019 our company has been included in the 'Terra di Bari' D.O.P. control system.

We harvest our olives in the pre-harvesting period (late October/November), which is why our monocultivar best expresses the nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics of the cultivar of origin: the Coratina

The milling of the olives takes place only a few hours after they are delivered to the mill, and the extraction is cold and in the total absence of oxygen. The extra virgin produced is stored in steel silos, under nitrogen, in the total absence of light and oxygen, the main enemies of extra virgin olive oil that can compromise its quality.

Our Coratina monocultivar has a strong and persistent flavour, an aromatic and fruity fragrance with hints of tomato, artichoke and grass, slightly spicy with a bitter aftertaste