Our farm has its roots in the Corato countryside, a municipality located north of Bari in the heart of Puglia. Our company history follows that of grandfather Vincenzo and uncle Luigi. From them we inherited a deep love for the land and a devotion to the olive tree, a centuries-old plant that characterises the entire region and has given birth to cultivars renowned throughout the world, first and foremost the Coratina cultivar appreciated for the excellent quality of its oil

Our family's olive-growing roots meant that our attachment to life in the fields came about spontaneously and naturally. Today we manage the olive groves of the company, which is certified D.O.P. 'Terra di Bari', following all the steps leading to the production of our inimitable extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Coratina.    

Our extra virgin olive oil is first and foremost the result of agricultural management that respects nature. Our plots extend from the sea area to the Murgia area, then to the foot of the mysterious and imposing Castel del Monte; our plants follow their natural vegetative and productive cycle under our watchful eyes, receiving all the attention they need: annual pruning, fertilisation and summer irrigation. 

The olive harvest, always carried out before the veraison phase, takes place at the end of October and continues into November: this allows us to obtain an extra virgin olive oil with superior nutritional and organoleptic properties. The cold pressing of the olives, at temperatures below 25°C to safeguard their quality, takes place in a trusted local mill. 

The extra virgin olive oil produced is a triumph of scents and taste: artichoke, grass, tomato are the smells that are immediately perceived and the flavour, intense and decisive, slightly spicy and with a bitterish aftertaste, certify its high quality.