Our monocultivar extra virgin oil respects and enhances all the characteristics of the Coratina cultivar. Its colour tends towards green like the olives from which it is extracted. A true precious nectar, it has a typical bitterish aftertaste and a slight tingling sensation, characteristics that enhance every type of dish causing original expressions of taste.

The extra virgin monocultivar Coratina naturally has a low level of acidity (usually never more than 0.2% per 100 grams), a high content of polyphenols, natural allies of our organism that are also indispensable for protecting the oil from oxidation and preventing it from going rancid, as well as a high content of vitamins: all qualities that make it a good and healthy product, the undisputed protagonist of a healthy diet.

Its decidedly fruity character with hints of artichoke and grass, much more perceptible when consumed raw, is capable of enhancing any type of preparation: salads, toasted bread, grilled and boiled vegetables, barbecued meat and fish, soups, seasoned cheese are just some of the examples in which simple basic ingredients, if skilfully seasoned with Coratina monocultivar extra virgin olive oil, are enriched with taste sensations never experienced before.