Extra virgin olive oil 5 lt

Monocultivar Coratina

Extra virgin olive oil 5 lt
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Extra virgin olive oil monocultivar Coratina cold extracted and filtered. Filtration allows the removal of impurities, such as drops of water and residues of olive pits or pulp, which could ferment over time and compromise the quality of the oil. Filtered extra virgin oil, if correctly stored away from light, heat and oxygen, retains its nutritional properties and organoleptic characteristics for longer.

The innovative Bag in box container means that extra virgin is not exposed to its main enemies: oxygen and light. The outer cardboard casing does not allow light to filter through and the inner aluminium casing compresses with each dispensing through the tap. In this way, the oil can be consumed daily without exposing it to oxygen. 

Collection campaign
October/November 2023

Harvesting method
Directly from the tree in October - November

Milling time
Within 12 hours of harvesting

Extraction method 
Continuous cycle - cold 

Steel silos, under nitrogen, in total absence of light and oxygen

Decisive and persistent, aromatic and fruity smell with hints of artichoke and grass, slightly spicy with a bitter aftertaste

Recommended pairings
Grilled vegetables, grilled meat and fish, vegetable and legume soups, salads, seasoned cheese, toasted bread